Talend lance un programme de bêta testeur pour la version 5.3

Comme les versions précédentes, Talend appelle la communauté à se lancer dans un programme de bêta testeur pour tester et dénicher les bugs de sa futur version 5.3.

Voici l'annonce officielle faite par Talend :

With version 5.3, Talend continues to expand big data capabilities, update team-focused features, develop compatibility with more architectures and improve overall performance. All program information is maintained on our 5.3 beta wiki, including updates throughout the beta period. Your feedback will directly impact the quality of the final release -- our developers are standing by!
When approved, Talend will provide your company with an “as-is” beta release of version 5.3.1.

The software can be deployed in your organization in two ways:
  • Managed Beta Program – A Talend consultant will be scheduled to come onsite for a Beta visit during which s/he will install the product on your test server and help manage the process of beta testing within your unique environment. This program has a fee associated with it.
  • Beta Preview – Talend will give you access to a beta version of Talend v5.3.1. Your team will manage the installation and testing of the software.

  • Provide early access to Talend v5.3.1
  • Listen to your feedback and try to address as many issues as we can before the final release of the product
  • Answer your questions on the forum and provide responses to reported issues in a timely manner
  • Ultimately, strive to ensure the highest product quality and testing standards

  • Of course, within any partnership, there is commitment on both sides. We ask you to:
  • Complete our online survey
  • Sign a disclaimer (via EchoSign) stating, among other things, that you realize this is a beta version
  • Test the software and help us put it through its paces during the beta period
  • Provide us with feedback, including updating the JIRA
  • Post your feedback, warts and all to our special online forums
  • Help us maintain a constructive dialog with fellow testers. Talend development and services team members will be online help answer your questions.

This beta program is on a first come/first served basis, so please complete our survey to grab your spot on our beta testing team!

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