The aim is to migrate step by step from JSF primefaces to Angular. My question is what are advices that you request form me please:

what are actions to take and your opinion regarding a migration to do from (JAVA11/tomcat/JSF/Primefaces (5.3) to java11/tomcat/Angular

fore information I could not do a migration of all screens because there are about 10 years of development.

1-it is possible to integration Angular in Primefaces(jsf): call Angular pages from Primeface and visversa. So integrate Angular the same project of Primeface(JSF)?

2-the other option is to create a new project based on JAVA (endpoints) and Angular but in this case how can I do to route between pages (old pages in Primefaces and new pages done in angular)?

what is the solution that I can take and how to do it please.

if there are another solution it will be welcome

Thank you for your help in advance