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Wicket Java Discussion :

Apache Wicket 6.8 est disponible

Sujet :

Wicket Java

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    Par défaut Apache Wicket 6.8 est disponible
    Apache Wicket 6.8 est disponible

    changelog :



    Release Notes - Wicket - Version 6.8.0

    ** Sub-task

    * [WICKET-5162] - InlineEnclosure markup id could collide in the final page markup
    * [WICKET-5185] - JavaScript text is spread in several DOM text nodes

    ** Bug

    * [WICKET-5083] - Page#isPageStateless() may return wrong value
    * [WICKET-5103] - Wicket session id not up to date when container changes session id
    * [WICKET-5119] - PopupSettings IE8 - dosen't work second time a link is clicked.
    * [WICKET-5140] - InterceptData never gets cleared from session after continueToOriginalDestination is called and another page is requested afterwards
    * [WICKET-5142] - Generating invalid JavaScript for ajax update
    * [WICKET-5145] - do not post an Atmosphere event if the filtered subscription set is empty
    * [WICKET-5146] - Application not destroyed if WicketFilter#init() fails
    * [WICKET-5147] - WicketTester MockHttpRequest.getCookies very slow / OutOfMemory
    * [WICKET-5149] - PageRequestHandlerTracker doesn't track resolves of handlers caused by Exception
    * [WICKET-5154] - Positioning of autocomplete popup does not take into account borders
    * [WICKET-5157] - URL query parameter values containing equals sign get cut off
    * [WICKET-5163] - Implementing markup loading by extending ResourceStreamLocator produces errors with inherited markup
    * [WICKET-5176] - StringResourceModel doesn't detach model in some cases
    * [WICKET-5178] - StopPropagation functionality on link is broken
    * [WICKET-5181] - Problem with OnEventHeaderItem and Wicket.Event.add
    * [WICKET-5187] - Unknown tag name with Wicket namespace: 'panel'
    * [WICKET-5191] - Session is created unnecessarily

    ** Improvement

    * [WICKET-5143] - Create an interface for the roles replacing the current Roles class
    * [WICKET-5150] - Log additional info when FormComponent fails in updateCollectionModel
    * [WICKET-5158] - Ignore missing Page in StatelessForm#process()
    * [WICKET-5159] - Replace usage of JavaScript eval() with plain JS in headed contribution decoding
    * [WICKET-5160] - Throttle the animation in DebugWindow when there are many errors
    * [WICKET-5161] - The url gets longer when using StatelessForm with GET method
    * [WICKET-5166] - Relax the requirements for using FilteringHeaderResponse
    * [WICKET-5186] - Use arrays instead of String concatenation in JavaScript for better performance
    * [WICKET-5188] - Use a separate logger for the extra information logged in RequestCycle#onException()
    * [WICKET-5189] - preregister known wicket tag names

    ** Task

    * [WICKET-5169] - Create BuildBot config for wicket-6.x branch
    Dernière modification par Invité ; 24/05/2013 à 08h42.

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