Apache Wicket 6.7 est disponible

changelog : https://github.com/apache/wicket/blo.../CHANGELOG-6.x

accueil: http://wicket.apache.org
Source: http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/wicket/6.7.0
Binary: http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi...6.7.0/binaries


Release Notes - Wicket - Version 6.7.0


* WICKET-4658 - TabbedPanel CSS "last" is wrong if last step is not visible
* WICKET-4803 - UrlDecoder should log a message when invalid input is
* WICKET-4871 - wicket-atmosphere version mismatch with wicket-example-jar
* WICKET-4893 - AutoCompleteTextField removes DropDownChoice from Page
* WICKET-4903 - relativeUrl's begins with ./
* WICKET-4907 - UrlResourceReference generates broken relative URLs
* WICKET-4942 - Double slash '//' in starting url makes Url.parse output a
relative Url
* WICKET-4989 - WicketTester should send copies of its cookies
* WICKET-4995 - Using CryptoMapper causes page to render twice
* WICKET-5039 - Manual invocation of FunctionsExecutor#notify() is broken
* WICKET-5041 - DefaultCssAutoCompleteTextField should have Constructor
(String id)
* WICKET-5044 - Atmosphere + DateLabel
* WICKET-5045 - Upgrade Atmosphere to 1.0.10
* WICKET-5047 - Wicket Ajax: Inline script header contribution issue
* WICKET-5048 - Inline enclosures don't work with different namespace
* WICKET-5049 - Wicket Session may be null in SessionBindingListener after
* WICKET-5052 - @SpringBean fails to invoke methods on bean with
non-public methods
* WICKET-5053 - "random" parameters is now "_" with jQuery Ajax
* WICKET-5054 - Possible bug in org.apache.wicket.util.lang.Packages when
building path with repeating names
* WICKET-5055 - AutoComplete still triggers redundant events to registered
change listener
* WICKET-5061 - EnclosureHandler ignores wicketyz elements as children
* WICKET-5067 - SelectOptions fails to render text on openClose tag
* WICKET-5072 - Cookies#isEqual(Cookie, Cookie) may fail with
* WICKET-5073 - UrlRenderer#removeCommonPrefixes() fails when
contextPath+filterPrefix has more segments than the argument
* WICKET-5075 - When modal window is closed page scrolls to top
* WICKET-5076 - form#onSubmit() is called on just replaced nested forms
* WICKET-5078 - RestartResponseException broken with page instance and
bookmarkable page
* WICKET-5080 - FilterToolbar.html contains javascript that is used
* WICKET-5082 - Ajax update renders parent/child JS in different order
than initial Page render
* WICKET-5085 - InlineEnclosure are piling up on each render
* WICKET-5086 - FormTester throws an exception when a Palette component is
added to a Form associated with a compound property model
* WICKET-5093 - The event listener in Wicket.Ajax.ajax() should not return
the value of attrs.ad (allowDefault)
* WICKET-5094 - ISecuritySettings#getEnforceMounts(true) prevents access
to *all* non-mounted bookmarkable pages
* WICKET-5098 - PackageResourceBlockedException under Windows for \*\.js
files in web app's own packages, not in jars
* WICKET-5102 - wicket-bean-validation: Bean validation PropertyValidator
only works with direct field access
* WICKET-5103 - Wicket session id not up to date when container changes
session id
* WICKET-5104 - AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior in hidden component in
ModalWindow causes Ajax Response Error
* WICKET-5112 - Parantheses problem with UrlValidator
* WICKET-5114 - Url#toString(StringMode.FULL) throws exception if a
segment contains two dots
* WICKET-5116 - TabbedPanel.setSelectedTab() does not behave as specified
in JavaDoc
* WICKET-5117 - Wicket ignores allowDefault:false attribute in multipart
ajax requests
* WICKET-5123 - Component.continueToOriginalDestination() can redirect to
* WICKET-5125 - IE8 error in wicket-date.js when used in a modalwindow
* WICKET-5126 - SecurePackageResourceGuard is blocking access to web fonts
* WICKET-5131 - Problems with cookies disabled when using 301/302 and also
303 (even with cookies)
* WICKET-5132 - Evaluation of returned data (which includes alot of
javascript) very slow after ajax call in IE10.
* WICKET-5134 - java.lang.NullPointerException at
during Atmosphere eventbus.post() if using WebSockets
* WICKET-5136 - CheckingObjectOutputStream#check(Object) swallows
Exception without logging the cause
* WICKET-5138 - Wicket does not correctly handle http OPTIONS requests
* WICKET-5141 - Exception while rendering absolute URL with


* WICKET-4115 - SignInPanel should not always redirect to the Home page
when the user is signed-in automaticaly with the remember-me feature.
* WICKET-5005 - Add Utility to allow conversion from Panel (or Component)
to html String
* WICKET-5038 - Add equals() and hashcode() implementation to
* WICKET-5046 - NumberTextField should use appropriate validator
* WICKET-5050 - AutoComplete should not request suggestions if input is no
longer active element
* WICKET-5057 - FilteringHeaderResponse requires a usage of
FilteringHeaderResponse.IHeaderResponseFilter for no reason when
FilteredHeaderItem is used
* WICKET-5062 - Update the list of HTML void elements with the latest
HTML5 ones
* WICKET-5065 - Improve UrlRenderer to be able to render urls without
scheme and/or host
* WICKET-5066 - Allow PackageResource to decide itself whether it could be
accepted or not
* WICKET-5074 - Improvement for MockHttpServletRequest and FormTester to
support 'multiple' input type of fileUpload
* WICKET-5079 - Allow WebApplication-specific Spring configuration
* WICKET-5088 - The Bootstrap class does not provide a handle for the
* WICKET-5089 - Make MultiFileUploadField's ResourceReference JS public to
be able to include in Application's getResourceBundles.
* WICKET-5090 - Add path syntax to MarkupContainer#get( String )
* WICKET-5091 - Extract the short names of the ajax attributes as a
* WICKET-5095 - Upgrade Wicket Native WebSocket to Jetty 9.0.0
* WICKET-5096 - Add setStep method to NumberTextField
* WICKET-5105 - JavaDoc of IHeaderContributor is outdated
* WICKET-5111 - Upgrade bootstrap to 2.3.1
* WICKET-5113 - Set a different TimeZone for the RequestLogger
* WICKET-5121 - Log warning message if a component that is not on the page
associated with the AjaxRequestTarget is added
* WICKET-5122 - Add the free Wicket guide in the books page on the
official site.
* WICKET-5127 - Dont use sun-internal packages to allow easy jdk7
* WICKET-5137 - Improve TagTester support for Ajax responses
* WICKET-5139 - Missing French translations