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Sortie de la version 0.8 de Flash Pascal

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Flash Pascal

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    Sortie de la version 0.8 de Flash Pascal
    Sortie de la version 0.8 du compilateur Flash Pascal
    permettant de créer des applications Flash en Object Pascal

    De nombreuses modifications pour cette nouvelle version :
    • Aliases for methods and properties of external classes supported by using the 'AS' keyword
    • Some new features became available for the external classes because of the new usage of 'AS' keyword
    • String operations are multibyte compatible (UCS-2/UTF-8) except the # operator which accepts 8bit values only (ASCII codes)
    • Source code and position can be displayed in all error messages (TExpression and TUserClass did not this)
    • High() and Low() functions to get array boundaries
    • Command line parameters changed, now -w displays warnings, -t creates html test page (this was -w before)
    • Compiler exits with different error codes (errorlevel) depending on execution results
    • NIL is compatible with all type of variables to test that they (eg. url parameters) are defined or not
    • New compiler directive $NOTE to display informations stored in the source code
    • Empty statements (a single ; ) are allowed, eg.: if a=b then ; {if a equals b then nothing to do}
    • Fixed empty procedure bug (procedures in classes only)
    • Fixed integer and floating point assignments and comparisions
    • Mixed new line markers in source files are tolerated by the source parser
    • There's a nice logo on the updated web page
    • Some other minor changes...
    • ... and... working Linux executable in the package (set executable flag to it)

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