Pharo version 10 est sorti en avril.

Voici le résumé des updates :

Pharo 10 was a short iteration where we focused mainly on stability and enhancement of the environment :

Massive system cleanup: gained speed, removed dead code, removed old/deprecated frameworks (Glamour, GTTools, Spec1)
All Remaining tools written using the deprecated frameworks have been rewritten: Dependency Analyser, Critique Browser, and many other small utilities.
Modularisation has made a leap, creating correct baselines (project descriptions) for many internal systems, making possible the work and deployment of minimal images.
Removing support for the old Bytecode sets and embedded blocks simplified the compiler and language core.
As a result, our image size has been reduced by 10% (from 66MB to 58MB)
The VM has also improved in several areas: better async I/O support, socket handling, FFI ABI,