Deep Learning on Graphs

'This timely book covers a combination of two active research areas in AI: deep learning and graphs. It serves the pressing need for researchers, practitioners, and students to learn these concepts and algorithms, and apply them in solving real-world problems. Both authors are world-leading experts in this emerging area.' — Huan Liu, Arizona State University

'Deep learning on graphs is an emerging and important area of research. This book by Yao Ma and Jiliang Tang covers not only the foundations, but also the frontiers and applications of graph deep learning. This is a must-read for anyone considering diving into this fascinating area.' — Shuiwang Ji, Texas A&M University

Deep learning on graphs has become one of the hottest topics in machine learning. The book consists of four parts to best accommodate our readers with diverse backgrounds and purposes of reading. Part 1 introduces basic concepts of graphs and deep learning; Part 2 discusses the most established methods from the basic to advanced settings; Part 3 presents the most typical applications including natural language processing, computer vision, data mining, biochemistry and healthcare; and Part 4 describes advances of methods and applications that tend to be important and promising for future research. The book is self-contained, making it accessible to a broader range of readers including (1) senior undergraduate and graduate students; (2) practitioners and project managers who want to adopt graph neural networks into their products and platforms; and (3) researchers without a computer science background who want to use graph neural networks to advance their disciplines.

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