PureBasic 5.71 LTS est disponible sur votre compte , ou en version démo pour ceux qui n'ont pas de licence.



Final version is out, thank you a lot for testing !

Beta 3 is available ! Bug fixes:

Bugfixes for this version:

  • Windows: [Done] Repeatedly called async HTTPRequest() will crash
  • Windows: [Done] PlaySound limited to 6min 3sec
  • Windows: [Done] 5.71 beta 2 Wrong translation of IDE text
  • Windows: [Done] EllapsedMilliseconds() help inconsistency.
  • Windows: [Done] Form Editor #PB_Shortcut_CTRL not found
  • Windows: [Done] HTTPRequest() and asynchronous
  • MacOS: [Done] 5.71b2 - IDE StatusBar
  • MacOS: [Done] Wrong machine name
  • MacOS: [Done] OpenGLGadget and #PB_OpenGL_CustomCursor

This list was created automatically. All updated bug threads from the date of the last final version have been determined.

The beta 2 is out with some more bug fixes ! You can get it on your online account

The new bug fix version of PureBasic is available on your online account. Change list:

  • SQLite added DLL support (new parameter in UseSQLiteDatabase())
  • Updated SQLite to 3.27.0
  • Bug fixes

About the new flag in UseSQLiteDatabase(): if you don't use the flag, it will link the static lib as usual. If you use the flag, it won't link the static lib at all (ie: much smaller exe, but requiers a DLL). When using the DLL it's easier to use the latest available version of SQLite without waiting for a PB update.

Bugfixes for this version:

  • Windows: [Done] PB5.71b1 syntax check ignores compiler options
  • Windows: [Done] PB5.71b1 SaveImage(16Bit) = #True
  • Windows: [Done] PB5.70LTSB2 Executable quits unexpectedly (3D)
  • Windows: [Done] 5.70 Wrong coordinates in DesktopXYZ() DPI aware
  • Windows: [Done] Form Designer Display Problems
  • Windows: [Done] Purebasic download - Museum
  • Windows: [Done] [5.70] SetURLPart easily crashes
  • Windows: [Done] PB 5.70 IDE: Preview colourbox have wrong size
  • Windows: [Done] PB 5.70b1 - DPI aware fonts too big
  • Windows: [Done] pb5.70 IDE's "Find in file" bug
  • Windows: [Done] set Event to trigger the tool, list table height=0
  • Windows: [Done] Problem with SQLConnect_() in PB5.61 (5.60 is fine)
  • Windows: [Done] IMA on certain header information in TGA image files.
  • Windows: [Done] Bug in WindowBounds with #PB_Ignore and DPI awareness
  • Windows: [Done] HTTPRequest() with Header$() eats memory
  • Windows: [Done] ScrollBar buttons: Eventhandler is called twice
  • Windows: [Done] [5.42] Replace by using old replace phrase fails...
  • Windows: [Done] HTTPRequest() and asynchronous
  • Windows: [Done] #PB_Http_NoSSLCheck not defined
  • Windows: [Done] AddPathSegments - SVG Tiny standard
  • Windows: [Done] bug,SetGadgetText(#ComboBox_1,s.s)
  • Linux: [Done] PB v5.XX Create menu and #PB_Any
  • Linux: [Done] PB 5.61 BindGadgetEvent on ImageGadget not working
  • Linux: [Done] Qt - ScintillaGadget and #PB_EventType_RightClick
  • Linux: [Done] PB v5.6x - v5.70: Problem with the event type resize
  • Linux: [Done] TrackBarGadget / GetGadgetAttribute
  • Linux: [Done] QT: StringGadget cursor position at end of string
  • Linux: [Done] Owner window / #PB_Any / PB 5.70 QT
  • Linux: [Done] 5.70 GetUserDirectory(#PB_Directory_ProgramData)
  • Linux: [Done] PB 5.70 QT TreeGadget fires event when cleared
  • Linux: [Done] PB5.70 Constant #PB_Database_MySQL missing!
  • Linux: [Done] ResizeImage #PB_Image_Smooth) corrupts image on QT
  • Linux: [Done] Create Temporary Executable in Source Directory
  • Linux: [Done] UseMySQLDatabase() failing after create executable?
  • Linux: [Done] Canvas gadget / #PB_EventType_Resize
  • MacOS: [Done] Incompat.betwen OS: SetGadgetAttribute #PB_Canvas_Im
  • MacOS: [Done] Problem with menu shortcut CMD+Z
  • MacOS: [Done] ReceiveHTTPFile and Memory crash by #PB_HTTP_Asynchro
  • MacOS: [Done] Bug Maybe? wih #PB_HTTP_Asynchronous?
  • MacOS: [Done] 5.44,5.60 Broken async http procedures?
  • MacOS: [Done] SpinGadget + BindEvent + #PB_EventType_Change
  • MacOS: [Done] GetUserDirectory(Type) missing last '/'
  • MacOS: [Done] Same background color in StatusBar as in Window
  • MacOS: [Done] ImageFrameCount() returns 0
  • MacOS: [Done] Open Documentation causes crash
  • MacOS: [Done] PB v5.6x PrinterVectorOutput and NewPrinterPage
  • MacOS: [Done] Find in Files extension filter
  • MacOS: [Done] Crash in IDE
  • MacOS: [Done] Segmentation violation when starting Help
  • MacOS: [Done] 5.70 memory leak with http headers
  • MacOS: [Done] StringGadget allows multiple lines
  • MacOS: [Done] #PB_Canvas_Container
  • MacOS: [Done] BindGadgetEvent bug
  • MacOS: [Done] Canvas Container and ResizeGadget (Workaround)
  • MacOS: [Done] PB 5.70 Beta2
  • MacOS: [Done] Dialog gadgets incorrect size on panel
  • MacOS: [Done] TreeGadget items cut off when on Dialog
  • MacOS: [Done] SplitterGadget drag 'icon' gets stuck
  • MacOS: [Done] Dialog problem with id='' entries.
  • MacOS: [Done] OptionGadget
  • MacOS: [Done] TreeGadget Dark Mode

This list was created automatically. All updated bug threads from the date of the last final version have been determined.

Have fun !

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