La version 2.10 est disponible sur votre compte ou en version gratuite pour des petites applications.
Suite à l'annonce de l'arrêt du développement de crosswalk, SpiderBasic s'oriente sur Cordova pour Android.


- Added: Accelerometer library
- Added: Geolocation library
- Added: InAppPurchase support for iOS
- Added: BatteryLevel(), DeviceInfo(), VibrateDevice()
- Added: #PB_String_PlaceHolder flag to StringGadget() to set a placeholder at creation
- Added: #PB_Event_SizeDesktop event to monitor a desktop resize without having a background window
- Added: ResizeScreen() to resize an already created screen
- Added: Cordova command can be executed via Import/EndImport
- Added: Android app is immediately run on the device once deployed

- Changed: reworked the InAppPurchase library
- Changed: switched from crosswalk to cordova on Windows for Android. NOTE: cordova requires internet connection to build an app.

- Optimized: Android app size is now much smaller (1,5 MB instead of 20 MB)

- Removed: TouchRadiusX() and TouchRadiusY() as it was only working on FireFox

- Fixed: some compiler and library bugs

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