je cherche une solution pour me permettre d'exporter mes rapport , j'ai un script qui me permet d'exporter tous mes états (dossier) qui se trouve sur mon serveur (swqsrs000) via son instance (ReportServer_SQLWQ811). Mais j'arrive pas a exporter juste un état(dossier). Si quelqu'un veut bien m'aider j'en serais vraiment reconnaissant.
Le Script en question :
#note this is tested on PowerShell v3 and SSRS 2008 R2

$ReportServerUri = "http://swqsrs000/ReportServer_SQLWQ811/ReportService2005.asmx";
$Proxy = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $ReportServerUri -Namespace SSRS.ReportingService2005 -UseDefaultCredential ;
#check out all members of $Proxy
#$Proxy | Get-Member

#second parameter means recursive
$items = $Proxy.ListChildren("/", $true) | `
select Type, Path, ID, Name | `
Where-Object {$_.type -eq "Report"};

#create a new folder where we will save the files
#PowerShell datetime format codes

#create a timestamped folder, format similar to 2011-Mar-28-0850PM
$folderName = Get-Date -format "yyyy-MMM-dd-hhmmtt";
$fullFolderName = "H:\Birane\" + $folderName;
[System.IO.Directory]::CreateDirectory($fullFolderName) | out-null

foreach($item in $items)
#need to figure out if it has a folder name
$subfolderName = split-path $item.Path;
$reportName = split-path $item.Path -Leaf;
$fullSubfolderName = $fullFolderName + $subfolderName;
if(-not(Test-Path $fullSubfolderName))
#note this will create the full folder hierarchy
[System.IO.Directory]::CreateDirectory($fullSubfolderName) | out-null

$rdlFile = New-Object System.Xml.XmlDocument;
[byte[]] $reportDefinition = $null;
$reportDefinition = $Proxy.GetReportDefinition($item.Path);

#note here we're forcing the actual definition to be
#stored as a byte array
#if you take out the @() from the MemoryStream constructor, you'll
#get an error
[System.IO.MemoryStream] $memStream = New-Object System.IO.MemoryStream(@(,$reportDefinition));

$fullReportFileName = $fullSubfolderName + "\" + $item.Name + ".rdl";
#Write-Host $fullReportFileName;
$rdlFile.Save( $fullReportFileName);