Description :

PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS demonstrates the practical uses of the DOCUMENT procedure, a part of the Output Delivery System, in SAS 9.3. Michael Tuchman explains how to work with PROC DOCUMENT, which is designed to store your SAS procedure output for replay at a later time without having to rerun your original SAS code. You’ll learn how to:

  • save a collection of procedure output, descriptive text, and supporting graphs that can be replayed as a single unit
  • save output once and distribute that same output in a variety of ODS formats such as HTML, CSV, and PDF
  • create custom reports by comparing output from the same procedure run at different points in time
  • create a table of contents for your output
  • modify the appearance of both textual and graphical ODS output even if the original data is no longer available or easily accessible
  • manage your tabular and graphical output by using descriptive labels, titles, and footnotes
  • rearrange the original order of output in a procedure to suit your needs

After using this book, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create libraries of professional-looking output that are accessible at any time.

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