The Tomes of Delphi 3 : Win32 Graphical API
John Ayres, David Bowden, Larry Diehl, Phil Dorcas, harrison, Kenneth Harrison, Phillip Dorcas, Rod Mathes, Ovais Reza, Mike Tobin

The Tomes of Delphi series books are reference guides for using the Windows 32 bit API in Delphi. As such, this book is not a tutorial, and is not meant to be read from start to finish. There are over 200 examples in the book, and every API function covered is used in an example. The book also includes coverage of poorly documented aspects of certain API functions.

The CD that comes with the book includes all of the code from the book, additional example programs, shareware and freeware components, help files, and third-party development tools (InstallShield, DemoShield and more)

The book is devided into 16 chapters (~900 pages) that will let you discover the graphical Win32 API functions, those functions used to display graphics and user interface elements, and includes chapters on bitmap and metafile creation and manipulation, icons, the graphics device interface, drawing primitives such as lines and circles, menus, resources, printing and text output, colour palette management, regions and paths, and the Windows 95 shell. Each function entry contains the syntax, a description of what the function does, a list and description of parameters, acceptable constant values, return values, cross-references to related functions, and an example of its use in Delphi's Object Pascal.

Whether you're an experienced Delphi programmer with a working knowledge of Windows programming or an intermediate Delphi programmer, this book will help you to extend the functionality of Delphi components and objects and demonstrate what the Win32 Graphical API can do for you. This book is a must for any serious Delphi graphics programmer.

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