Mastering Delphi 6
Marco Cantù

Mastering Delphi 6

Whether you class yourself as just a beginner or have long been a lover of Borland's much-acclaimed object-oriented development tool, Mastering Delphi 6 has plenty to offer you. Written by world-renowned Delphi expert Marco Cantù, this edition, marking the release of Delphi 6, continues the tradition of excellence, balancing attention to detail with the author's unfussy, very readable style, which makes this a book that's accessible to all. While you will need an understanding of the basics of Pascal, even that is catered to by the inclusion of an easy-to-understand Pascal tutorial as one of the four bonus "chapters" on the accompanying CD-ROM. The CD-ROM also includes example source code and the full searchable text of the book in Acrobat format.

Much of the introductory material included in previous editions has been removed in favor of plenty of exposure to the enhancements available in Delphi 6. Among others, these include CLX, the new cross-platform component library, dbExpress, the new database engine, and Delphi's extensive support for e-business and Web development. There is also improved coverage of some of Delphi's longer-standing features.

Designed in a tutorial format, this book bristles with practical programming. In all, there are around 300 examples, each one supported by Cantù's clear explanation of the key skills in view. From the foundations of Delphi's object-oriented class library through to a whole section devoted to building Web applications, no information is left unexplored. If you are looking to lever your skills and harness the power of Delphi 6 for your applications, look no further than this excellent resource.

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