Delphi in a nutshell - A Desktop Quick Reference
Ray Lischner

Aimed at the working Delphi developer, Delphi in a Nutshell is an effective desktop reference to this popular programming tool. Besides listing all core classes and methods, this book also provides a host of expert dos and don'ts for mastering the newest features in Delphi's Object Pascal.

The heart of this book is its reference sections on built-in Delphi language features and other useful information on this development tool. Each entry has a guide to syntax, a description of all parameters and return values, and code samples, plus many entries feature "tricks and tips" with additional information. While this title concentrates on the "core" language (instead of Delphi's extensive support for visual components), there's little doubt that it will be useful if you work with the tool on a daily basis.

The book also delivers an advanced guide to ramping up on the latest and greatest in new language features in Object Pascal. Material on using classes, and the type of information features available in today's Delphi, are particularly effective. There are a lot of smart tips on proper class design techniques, including using properties, constructors, and destructors. (Delphi has its own conventions here, and this book will fill you in if you are coming to Object Pascal from another programming language.) Along the way, the author offers numerous expert nuggets on when to use (and when to avoid) using certain features. Whether you are a novice or a more experienced developer, this tutorial and reference is all you need to be productive with the latest and greatest in object-oriented programming with Delphi.

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