Are you a technical guy with a good knowledge of frameworks & libraries ?

Do you have a solid and reliable project you would like to get "out of your room" ?

Are you looking for :

* a serial entrepreneur who you can think with, and experiment with
* a smart partner who you build stuff with (sales as well as finance)
* a "lean startup" addict

Then we should talk.

I began in the internet in 1998 and have established a strong and reliable business network (sales, mkg, finance) over past 15 years, after several positions in the e-commerce, e-banking and energy sectors.

I have a strong background in product and service launch in France and mostly Intl (BNPP, eBay-Paypal, Microsoft MSN, Canon, Volkswagen-Audi).
I have as well a strong knowledge and practice of BA's/VC's and gouvermental support (i.e Oseo).

I'm always open to a no obligation chat to see if we can work together. Just drop me a note through the Developpez.com platform and I will come back to you.

PS : je suis Français