Mastering MATLAB 7 de Duane Hanselman et Bruce Littlefield

D'après l'éditeur :

This text is about MATLAB. If you use MATLAB or are considering using it, this book is for you. This text represents an alternative to learning MATLAB on your own with or without the help of the documentation that comes with the software. The informal style of this book makes it easy to read and, as the title suggests, it provides the tools you need to master MATLAB. As a programming language and data visualization tool, MATLAB offers a rich set of capabilities for solving problems in engineering, scientific, computing, and mathematical disciplines. The fundamental goal of this text is to help you increase your productivity by showing you how to use these capabilities efficiently. Because of the interactive nature of MATLAB, the material is generally presented in the form of examples that you can duplicate by running MATLAB as you read this book.

This text covers only topics that are of use to a general audience. The material presented generally applies to all computer platforms. None of the Toolboxes, Blocksets, and other Libraries that are available for additionnal cost are discussed, altough some are referred to in appropriate places. However, based on user feedback, this book does discuss linking MATLAB to programs written in C, FORTRAN, and Java. Furthermore, it demonstrates how MATLAB can be dynamically linked to other applications on the PC platform.

Since MATLAB continues to evolve as a software tool, this text focuses on MATLAB Version 7. For the most part, the material applies to 6.x and 5.x versions of MATLAB as well. When appropriate, distinctions between versions are made.
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